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SUPERFUTUREDESIGN*, a sister of ASZarchitetti, founded by Andrea Sensoli with three partners Cecilia Morosi, Iacopo Mannelli, and Andrea Rettori.

The brand specializes in providing luxurious architectural designs to renowned clients in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, and prides itself to be one of the best firms in the world for 3D visualization of architectural design. The Company has the vision to leave a footprint all over the globe with award-winning architecture that can be interpreted as the best representation of the times we live in. It wants to leave behind a legacy that will create a bridge between traditions of the past and upcoming trends of the future.

What Andrea Sensoli loves the most about his work is that is a high synthesis of everyone’s daily life, manners, and habits. It’s real, multifaceted, tangible, and it engages the whole community. The most challenging time of his career was the very beginning of it. “The most significant challenges were when I had nothing and nobody. I managed to navigate these waters and overcame these challenges by compromising and prioritizing the steps forward.” – said the designer. Asked if he already achieved everything in life, the answer was simple. The designer is a grateful person, but still has a hunger for more. “Yes and no. That is because I realize how fortunate it is to be where I am, but also, I need to fulfill more, push my vision further and make my structure stronger. Good, better best, never let it rest, until your good is better and you better is your best!” – said Andrea Sensoli.

“If I consider that the creation of SUPERFUTUREDESIGN* is the most critical milestone, then we have only just started. I want to consolidate the office and become an entity beyond my presence; I want to express more of our vision through designs and propel this into the future.”

– Andrea Sensoli

What entirely fulfills Andrea Sensoli about his work is the feeling of being recognized. “When our actions are not solely appreciated by the client or the end-users but catch the greater public’s attention, which is a fantastic feeling, especially when you consider our pretty innovative attitude.” – said Andrea Sensoli. Inspiring others to think differently through his eyes means everything to the designer. Concluding, in every project he takes on, he challenges all parties involved and pushes everyone’s boundaries to come to innovative ideas. Being recognized for that means incredible progress, not only for him and his company but for all who are involved in each project.

Talking about how he communicates with his audience, Andrea Sensoli likes the seductive talk to catch their attention. “Meaningful messages and inherent beauty are what we want to pursue at every step of our communication, from a pre-qualification pitch to the presentation of a concept or a story on our Instagram page.” – he finished. At the moment he is working on a variety of projects in different segments, from residential to commercial and hospitality. Inspiration comes from life. What excites Andrea the most is not just the requirement but the demand for the “next level”. In his opinion, these requests are when he must look around and see how he can transform – or interpret, the socio-cultural changes into his work. “That feeling that “if we want everything to remain, then everything must change” is exhilarating.” – assumed Andrea Sensoli.

“Minimalism is still very much en vogue, even though it is often enriched with elements of elegance and some decorations. At the same time, there is still space for various decorative styles and even for eclecticism up to kitsch. I prefer minimalism when it is a genuine expression of a quest for authenticity and personality, which goes to the very basic principles of why a particular development is in place.”
– Andrea Sensoli

Describing his type of clients, Andrea Sensoli made it quite simple. His clients are people who perceive the need for a design for the fulfillment of their goals. They are usually private companies or entrepreneurs, achievers, people with a vision or a specific request, and that is why they reach him. They are often intellectually very engaged from process to completion but at the same time open to the challenge. They have an understanding and appreciation for what the designer calls “meaningful beauty”. This explains the diverse portfolio of the group, from products, homes and houses, offices, stores, to resorts.

For this project, the only inspiration was precisely its location. Andrea Sensoli and his team’s mission was to make this house one with its surrounding landscapes and fit for modern-day living, meeting all the criteria of simplicity and sustainability transposed to these times and the ones ahead. The designer’s favorite detail is the windows that regulate the indoor/outdoor relationship and symbolize the inhabitant’s relationship with the surrounding nature. Therefore, they are fully customized and re-engineered. Staying true to the original farmhouse, Andrea Sensoli wanted small apertures, and simultaneously, wanted them to be clear from every possible obstruction. The eye can see a glass panel in a clean wall opening as the window is one single opening. Its frame is totally concealed in the inner side of the wall.

For the future, the designer aims to have a collaborate with the owner of Villa Asciano. He is a renowned photographer, and Andre loves his work. “I’d love to envision that one day we will work together on a personal exhibition. We will push the envelope, and together we will build the complete visitor experience.” – Andrea Sensoli stated.

When it comes to craftsmanship, in Andrea Sensoli’s opinion technology is the real leader. Whereas the masters of technology are the specialized firms, whether contractors or suppliers, It’s the designer’s peculiarity to research ways to implement these technologies, inappropriate and ideally innovative ways. For the future of the design, Andrea defends that it has to be sustainable. “We must take carbon reduction seriously, addressing every element in its lifecycle. It will take a revolution to change our habits, from how we do things and even think about things. We do not solely need to rely on governmental energy policies, and every individual can make better choices. Design plays a massive role in that, and to come full circle, design is everywhere.” – Andrea Sensoli said.

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