basil & salt’s new farm & ranch connect service, matches consumers and producers across the country

Basil & Salt would like to connect producers directly to new customers.

Cattle graze in country paddock with sunset background, Australia.

Consumers have new and valid questions both in buying  finished product and starting their own small farms.

As our supply line “hiccups”, consumers want to go straight to the source for their products. Unfortunately the average grocery store customer doesn’t know where to look. We want to connect farmer, rancher, producer to the end user.

What Farm & Ranch Connect will do

  • Let the customer know where and how to buy product across the country
  • Give consumers advice on what they need to grow their own food, raise chickens and livestock and where and how to purchase animals, equipment and feed.

Basil & Salt is connecting consumers directly with farmers, ranchers, meat markets, small produce markets, dairies, creameries and road side stands across the country. This list will go live in June 2020 and will be updated daily.

Do you know of farmer or ranch that could use this to reach more customers? Please share. For this project to be successful, we need producers to contact us with their information. If you are not comfortable with communicating online or paying the annual $12.50 fee securely through square, please email or call me and let’s chat.
Phone  (253) 466-6307

Pay Securely with Square here
For additional information, Producers, please enter here


Buyers will be able to search online and find producers and their product by category, state, county and city to find the perfect local farm, ranch, market or stand that most closely matches their needs. The producer pays a small annual fee of $12.50. If you are a producer and would like to add your listing to Farm & Ranch Connect please follow this link for additional information and checkout.

The list will publish directly on the basil & salt site under the Farm & Ranch Connect tab and  will be shared across all platforms and partner sites.

“We are hoping these direct connections will be a lasting trend and we will market this program well. We look forward to connecting and working with both producers and consumers”. ~karie engels

If you don’t see a category you’re interested in the column below, let us know what you think is missing and we will add it in. Do you know of farmer or ranch that could use this to reach more customers? Please share.  For additional information, Producers, please enter here



  • Beef
  • Pork
  • Poultry
  • Meat shop | Butcher


  • Cattle
  • Pigs
  • Poultry
  • Goats
  • Alpacas
  • Breeders


  • Milk
  • Cheese
  • Cream
  • Eggs


  • Farmers Market
  • Road Side Stands
  • Farm Stands
  • Farm Store
  • Greenhouse
  • Flowers

Feed & Equipment

Why are doing this? Our business is food and our readers have questions. Where to buy fresh produce and meat, how to begin a small homestead, garden, where to buy fresh dairy and eggs, how to raise chickens and so much more….


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