A New Brew for a Good Cause

Orlison Brewing Co
Orlison Brewing Co

Orlison Brewing Co., a Washington State-based craft brewery specializing in lagers, announces the introduction of Pilsner 37, a new craft beer, and a partnership with Team Gleason, a charity foundation working to help those with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) enjoy more fulfilling lives through assistive technology and services. A portion of the sales from Pilsner 37 will be donated to Team Gleason.

Team Gleason is a charity group founded by Steve Gleason, former Washington State University linebacker and safety/special teams player for the New Orleans Saints. Gleason, famous for blocking a punt that lead to a returned touchdown during the New Orleans Saints’ first home game after Hurricane Katrina, was diagnosed with ALS in 2011. Team Gleason works to raise global awareness for ALS, raise funds to empower those living with ALS and, ultimately, find a cure. For more information on Team Gleason, visit TeamGleason.org

“Our success as a foundation is dependent on our support network,” says Steve Gleason, founder of Team Gleason. “Having partners who are committed to us and ALS awareness is vital. Orlison Brewing has done that and more. We cannot thank this group enough for creating a great product to share with the Northwest, and beyond, that proudly carries both our brands.”

“Orlison Brewing Co. is honored to help support Team Gleason,” says Jason Miller, owner and partner at Orlison Brewing Co. “We’re hoping that our donations from the sales of Pilsner 37 will be beneficial for their cause and assist those in need.”

Pilsner 37

Pilsner 37, Orlison Brewing Co.’s newest craft brewed lager, is a colorful, brightly flavored beer brewed in the tradition of Old World pilsners. This well-balanced beer is crafted with dry roasted specialty malts and citrusy hops introduced near the end of the brewing process to give Pilsner 37 a hint of dry-hopped IPA flavor. At 6.4 ABV and 65 IBUs, Pilsner 37 is a complex, smooth-drinking and enjoyable pilsner.

“We love Pilsner 37. It’s one of the most interesting beers we’ve produced, yet,” says Bernie Düenwald, brewmaster at Orlison Brewing Co. “We’re really looking forward to getting Pilsner 37 out there and helping Team Gleason. It’s a great charity, and we’re beyond proud to support their mission.”

In keeping with a long-standing Orlison tradition, the first tasting for Pilsner 37 will be held at Bubba’s Bar & Grill in Reardan, Wash., on February 8 at 5 p.m.

Pilsner 37 will be available in bars throughout the Spokane area the week of February 17.

For more information on Orlison Brewing Co., visit http://www.orlisonbrewing.com/.


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