Seared Scallop Salad and Chocolate Cake

Over the holidays the rich foods and decadent dessert tables are difficult to resist and by the time January rolls around, New Year Resolutions often include fad diets and self-promises to hit the gym.  Those pesky few pounds that were added during the cocktail party season simply need to come off.

VeggiesWhile I am certainly on board with shedding extra weight, eating healthy doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to try and subsist on fruits and vegetables.  Eating lighter, doesn’t mean you stop eating altogether, it simply means make smarter choices and cut down on your portions.

I have found that the “give and take” method works for me, I generally walk along the following guidelines;  If a larger breakfast that includes bacon and eggs or breads such as cinnamon rolls were on the table, then lunch and dinner will be as low fat as possible.   If  plans have been made to dine out with friends for the evening, a very light breakfast, smoothie or yogurt is on the docket, and then perhaps salad with fat free dressing or something comparable, for lunch.

When it comes to food I confess I have several weaknesses, baking is not only a hobby of mine, but a deep rooted obsession.  While baked goods are available here in my home for the fam,  I do not indulge in breads and desserts every day.  If I have a craving for chocolate cake or that piece of amazing ricotta cheesecake, I will lighten up my dinner portions so that an “extra” item can be eaten without a shred of guilt.  When I have that day of sheer indulgence, and I do, I watch my menu items for the next couple of days to ensure that does not become habit.

VeggiesEating in moderation is step one, step two is getting physical. Hitting the gym is always my ultimate goal, however with three children and a busy schedule it isn’t always feasible.  I am fortunate, I have a treadmill right off the kitchen and a minimum of 30 minutes per day on that torture device is required.  If that is not an option for you a brisk walk in the outdoor air is a great idea.

If you are looking for recipes that a bit lighter on the bod, Cooking Light Magazine is a great publication.  As you browse their recipes, take note of changes you might make in each one to enhance flavors or perhaps even to cut the fat and / or calorie level further. Give it a tweak and a twist and make that recipe yours.  You will find with time as you browse other recipes that are not on their site, you will find ways to substitute ingredients to reduce your waistline without sacrificing flavor.  Moderating what goes inside of you will ensure that on those days that indulgence is a must, you will enjoy it, guilt free.

Photo:  Cooking Light Magazine
Photo: Cooking Light Magazine

Seared Scallop Salad ~ Cooking Light Magazine

This is a great idea for lunch.  Not only is it beautiful, but full of flavor.  The time involved is minimal and the shopping list is a breeze; ground fresh ginger, minced garlic, olive oil, salt, black pepper, sea scallops, salad greens, cherry tomatoes, shredded  carrot, cucumber, red onion and red wine vinaigrette.

This delectable salad and a glass of Chablis is on the lunch menu.  Since it is fairly light, more than likely a bit of venison and potatoes will be on the table for dinner and dessert will call for a piece of chocolate cake.

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  1. I needed to read this…right now I’m sitting here at my laptop feeling like a big fat slob!! I need to snowshoe tomorrow, maybe from Vail to Aspen!! lol! Thanks, Karie…great inspiration! xo

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