A new beginning

The morning coffee has been consumed, my head is whirling with ideas and the daily calendar is full of tasks to be completed for tomorrow nights festivities.  This year my Honey and I are sharing this stellar night with good friends and we both know the cuisine will be out of this world.   I might even break out a bottle of the bubbly tonight to practice for tomorrow evening.

January first always arrives with a flurry of excitement, noise, a clink of champagne glasses, laughter and a few tears for the inevitable passing of time.   I love the New Beginning.

This year the NFL is taking over New Year’s Day and I for one do not mind a bit.  Big football always means good food and drink, friends and a loud living room.  In this busy day and age I have found that sporting events make for great fellowship and it is a really good excuse to get together with friends at a Sport’s Bar or throw a shindig of our own right here.  So in the spirit of fellowship  I am throwing a couple of recipes out here that will help to make that time with friends and family just a bit tastier.  You can click on the .com or the photos to take you to the site for the recipe.

BHG.com has a simple recipe that is out of this world.  Not only is it tasty, easy to throw together and quick, it is also a sure crowd pleaser.  The fans in the living room will think you slaved over the stove for this one.

FoodNetwork.com has an incredible array of football / tailgate fun for the taste buds.  One of my favs to always watch for this is Guy Fieri and he has an incredible Lime Chicken Tequila Tailgate sandwich that is out of this world.

I turned to Williams-Sonoma.com for their Grilled Nacho’s recipe not only for it’s simplicity, also because the flavor of the chorizo sausage makes the entire dish.

This is a great start to the New Year’s Day menu for game day fun.  I need a couple of quick cocktail concoctions, some great brew and the NFL crew here will be satisfied.  I love the New Beginning.

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